Post of Post Its

I haven’t posted any writings in a minute, so here’s a post of Post-Its. Share the power of doodles! *Nothing Against Eric Church, I actually just needed to make a note on a Post-It* So there! I am actually so much better at drawing than writing, I know. I’ll return to that lesser art of … Continue reading Post of Post Its

Paris Mt Ultra Time

Alright weirdos, Paris Mountain Ultra is this weekend. I’ll be volunteering/sweeping the course, so try to stay alive out there, I can only carry so many bodies. Unless you’re a crazy person chasing podium, power march those ascents, and I guess roll like a Goron downhill. I’m excited to revisit the course, and to support the nutters … Continue reading Paris Mt Ultra Time

Ultra Toenails

Just wanted to give everyone a chance to see the impressive display of toenails at If the grotesque awesomeness of ultrarunner feet does not sit well with your stomach, maybe this gallery isn’t for you. But, it’s still pretty delightful how proud people are of their destroyed foot parts. Check out ultrarunnerpodcast’s Black Toenail … Continue reading Ultra Toenails