Summer is Nigh

GDR was quite a while ago, it feels like. Since then, my buddy Chad and I tore up the field at the Wambaw Swomp Stomp 50k in Charleston, SC. He got first and set a new course record at 4:09:11. I got second and ran the 3rd fastest time on the course at 4:32:42. It … Continue reading Summer is Nigh

Running Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Trails & The North Face Ultra MT Trail Shoes

On the path to successful trail running, I knew that Stone Mountain lay waiting as a necessary challenge, which is wonderful: there are always people moving up and down the mountain, the scenery rocks (huehueh…I promise it’s a one and done), and my current abilities would be tested well. Looking ahead toward races like the Paris Mt 50k in South Carolina and the Georgia Death Race, having proper knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses helps me to prepare mentally and physically. Continue reading “Running Stone Mountain”