Back In It

The Georgia Death Race feels like an eternity ago, but it’s been just over a month. It’s crazy, and my body still feels some of the after effects from 23+ hours of forward motion. Over the last several weeks, I’ve pored over potential races. And I’ve finally signed up for one! The Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race … Continue reading Back In It

What Can Running Change? See Stephanie Case

Instead of reading about someone’s latest gear fad or running fuel or fastest known time, take the moment to read about a person making life and running better for the world. I am consistently excited for writings from Stephanie Case, or known through her blog UltraRunnerGirl. She began the nonprofit organization Free to Run, which works to educate the world … Continue reading What Can Running Change? See Stephanie Case

Post-Race Living

The Georgia Death Race was my Big One. I started building my endurance and distance when I learned it existed last year, and then signed up out of fear and curiosity if I could do it. I trained, received my share of injuries, some that may or may not be permanent (ankles!). I’ve met incredible people every … Continue reading Post-Race Living

Georgia Death Race Report: A Long-ish Run, Kind of Deathy

I didn’t plan on seeing the sunrise twice. Tucking the warm orange Moon under the blankets of morning horizon, I crawled down the mountainside with ankles swollen, feet bruised and blistered. Hearing the chirps of morning birds and cheers of weary spectators sitting around the finish. Sounding closer, but out of view beyond the treeline. My party of three picked up pace, settling into … Continue reading Georgia Death Race Report: A Long-ish Run, Kind of Deathy