Year’s End Musings.

I have family that celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah, but all holidays are welcome! I hope everyone has had a wonderful few weeks that have built up to this end of the year. Heck, I hope you’ve had wonderfully full years! It’s funny, but when I get to see my family (not nearly as often, these … Continue reading Year’s End Musings.

Who Is Allowed to Run?

News popped up about Lance Armstrong running in the Woodside Ramble 35k, held in Redwood City, California on December 13, 2015. He showed up and won first place. (Woodside Ramble Results) Another interesting view, Lance Armstrong’s Strava account with race data. Doping in sports is rightfully reviled, and Armstrong has openly admitted that he used performance-enhancing … Continue reading Who Is Allowed to Run?